Welcome to the Home of WikiChump

WikiChump is a perlbot plugin that listens in an IRC channel for URLs and posts them to a specified wiki page. Currently it only works with phpWiki. It allows for the titling and commenting of the captured URLs. The wiki provides a RSS feed.

Development History

The original WikiChump code by Ry4an Brase. WikiChump v2 was adapted by Sean M. Burke from the previous code to work with perlbot v.1.9.5 and ISSHO Kikaku's PolyglotBang. Further important modifications added by Konrad Mitchell Lawson and Alain Hoang.


Version 2.1 is currently available. We are working on getting the files into the CVS at SourceForge. For the time being it can be downloaded here.

To Be Added

Documentation, Links to tools in this sourceforge project, to do list, version history, etc.

Last Updated: January 12, 2004